“The Opportunities Are There”: A Black Designer’s Experiences with Inneract Project

A Black woman in a dark sweater stands in front of a yellow wall.
Designer Aska Mukuti. (Photo Credit: Lara Kaur)
Two designed pieces, one with black text on a pale blue background, and the other with three Black people sitting around a large sheet of paper. Both pieces have abstract yellow, black, red, and green shapes in the background, and both pieces are superimposed on a light green background.
Samples of Aska’s work, which she designed for the Center for Urban Pedagogy.
Yellow text on a navy blue background with red, yellow, and white circles and rectangles surrounding the text and the Inneract Project logo, which is the letters “IP” in navy on angled yellow stripes.
Quote: “Mentorship is part of what IP is to me…Mo [also] brought me into this community of other designers and educators….It feels good to be part of this community, people who generally care about supporting each other.” -Aska Mukuti, IP volunteer



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Inneract Project

Inneract Project

We are an alliance of designers/pratictioners engaged in bringing design to underserved youth and communities across the country and beyond