Interning with eBay: Reflections from a Rising Designer

Julian Body is a multidisciplinary designer based in Seattle, WA.
Julian photographed in action while working on his designs.
Julian photographed again in action while working on his designs.

“eBay Design’s Summer Internship Program immerses undergrad and graduate students with diverse cultures and backgrounds in a myriad of complex design problems at the critical intersection of product, brand and technology. Innovating and crafting within full-stack teams of designers and researchers on behalf of our Buyers and Sellers, eBay summer interns gain very real business experience, a taste of studio culture and a big portfolio boost. Fun events, creative jam sessions, and other community activities spark connections that can help launch lasting professional careers in an environment that values craft, diversity and a principled process.

Just one year ago, Stanford undergrad/University of Washington grad, Julian Body, began his journey with eBay Design as an intern working virtually with our New York studio. After a 2021 summer experience that touched on product design and research, stakeholder interaction and successfully addressing design problems in real time, we’re pleased to officially welcome him — physically — as a full-time member of the eBay Design Family this July.”

Marc Hinshaw

Studio Director, eBay Design



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