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  • Steph Nakamae

    Steph Nakamae

    Product designer • CA ☀️

  • Rachel Lin

    Rachel Lin

    Product Designer at @PilotHQ. Previously @RemindHQ, @SAP. Media + CS at Cal ’16.

  • Jenny Bounmivilay

    Jenny Bounmivilay

    Community-driven product designer with a love for deep reflection and action. Big fan of good people, the outdoors, and scallops.

  • Kelly Stuckey

    Kelly Stuckey

    storyteller | designer | utilizing my tools for social change

  • Jesse Zackery

    Jesse Zackery

  • Blake Lam

    Blake Lam

    I’m a husband, father, and designer/developer with a passion for helping people solve problems. Soli Deo gloria.

  • Derek Khaothong

    Derek Khaothong

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